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Super 8 Hitting system

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This weekend only, I’m giving YOU the keys to my private
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Covering topics like:
The single biggest “key” to effective batting practice
14 never-before-seen drills to help you master hitting in no time.
Biggest mistake most youth coaches and players get DEAD WRONG!
Tactics we personally use to coach and train our players
Videos include, Bunting, Hitting, Running, Fielding, Bunt Drills and MORE!
Plus, you’ll also get my Fire Drills and Combo Drills Manuals (worth $58)
Check out these Labor Day Weekend Bonuses:

1. Buy The Complete Super 8 Hitting System
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It will teach everything you need to know about baseball, i.e. hitting, bunting,
bunt drills, bunt defense, fielding, etc.
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2. Buy The Introductory Super 8 Hitting System (about 20% of the complete system)
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Imagine feeling, for the first time… like the player and coach you’ve always
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Best to you and have a great holiday weekend…

Coach Brockhoff
4988 Farmington Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17112, USA”