Love quick drills

As a parent and coach, I constantly look for quick, simple to implement drills that can quickly correct common mistakes.

I just came across one on Jack Perconte’s site  Here’s Jack’s quick bio from his site

 “Jack Perconte played professional baseball for 12 years and compiled a .270 lifetime major league batting average. Drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers, Jack also played for the Cleveland Indians, Seattle Mariners and Chicago White Sox. Jack grew up in Joliet, Illinois and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Murray State University.”

This is a great tip for the teaching of keeping your hands inside the ball.  Easily executed and anyone can teach.  Perfect!

Helping a Player
Hi Jack, 
     I stumbled on your website and thought it was excellent.  My son is 9 and has always been a good hitter.  This year he is hitting the ball hard but always grounders to shortstop.  He can’t get the ball on a line or in the air and is getting frustrated.  Any drills or suggestions to help him would be appreciated.  Thanks, 
Jack’s Response
     This is a trick question and answer because most people think that ground balls are from hitting down (chopping) at the ball. In reality, most ground balls are hit because the hitter’s bat is coming up and continually hitting the top portion of the ball, thereby producing ground balls. It is important to note that very few hitters actually chop at the ball. Some hitters give the appearance of chopping when their front elbow flies up, leaving the bat to trail and then having to roll their wrists early to hit the ball.     Two things can solve the problem:
     First, place the player’s fielder’s glove under their lead armpit and set the ball on a batting tee at the knee high level. Have player swing repeatedly until they can hit the ball solidly in the air with the fielder’s glove flying out after contact is made. This drill will force hitters to take their hands to the ball and give them a nice high follow through on their swing, eliminating many of the constant ground balls.     Second, lower the hitter’s hands and widen their stance so they have a better chance of getting to the bottom of the ball and not the top as when they are hitting ground balls.

Please visit Jack’s site and get his book, subscribe to RSS feeds, and ask questions!


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