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iPhone Apps for Baseball and Softball

As a coach and parent, I’m constantly looking for easier ways to track the game. Not to actually score the game, but for the stats. Accurate stats.

I tried to use GameChanger ( ) on my son’s iPod touch.  However at the AAA Little League level, there are too many substitutions to maintain positional players, let alone the pitching changes.  I like the interface though and the real-time live updates streaming on the web is great for parents who can’t make the game.   Also keeps online stats for the kids to look at.  Maybe not important for 9yr olds, but the 11-12yr olds love it.

I started looking for other statistic tracking software on the web for Softball, Little League, High School etc..

Blackberry Pitch Counter  Tracks both teams pitchers, balls, strikes.
My Future Star Baseball   iPhone app, but for your player’s stats, not full scoring.
ESPN iScore  iPhone app for scoring baseball, softball.  Easy to use.  Not sure of all the features.
K-Force Baseball iPhone app, lite version is free.  Pay version has more features.

(Here’s a review of the iScore and K-Force)

There are also multiple platform options at

Are there others?  Obviously GameChanger has the best marketers and SEO staff, but I have no idea of how their product compares.

If you have used any applications, please let us know which one and on what platform (phone/handheld).