Welcome p01 Baseball!!

From their page..


Discover the most comprehensive baseball training program ever created. Visualize what it would be like to have all the secrets of the top coaches from around the country inside of one DVD program. The program was designed by coaches with over 30 years of instructional experience. As you continue to read you’ll discover that the program can be utilized by athletes of all ages to gain that competitive edge!! P01 Baseball: Pre-Practice and game program design, speed and agility, position specific drills, hitting system, strength training and much more!!


Whether sprinting to first, reacting to a ground ball, developing proper swing mechanics, enhancing hand eye coordination or improving position play this is the program you have been waiting for!! Any athlete from youth baseball all the way to the major leagues can benefit from the program. P01 Baseball training presents the most complete resource with everything from performance enhancement to hitting instruction and hundreds of baseball tips from the pros. These All-Star drills will develop your game to the next level!!

This looks pretty comprehensive and I’m excited to try them out.  I love these training drills.  My kid is only 10 but we do them together and it’s a blast!

Visit them and check out their specials!


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