"Hands inside the ball"

“Keep your hands inside the ball”.   Every hitting coach stresses this technique. I”m 40 years old have have no idea what that means.  I see students in lessons nod in agreement but they have no idea what it means.

Just what does this mean?  How does one change their swing to “keep your hands inside the ball”?

My suggestion:  Through instruction teach how to lead with the hands and knob of the bat NOT the barrel.  Start the swing with your weight transfer and hip rotation and then the KNOB of the bat.  You’ll find that the younger players will naturally break their wrists in front of the plate creating bat speed and maximizing the time the barrel is in the ball path.

This will help with kids who drop their hands before the swing, kids who roll their wrists during the bat path, and have longer swings.

The power V concept of the elbow is confusing.  Emphasizing leading with the hands and the knob is a concept that the younger kids can understand.

One response to “"Hands inside the ball"

  1. We teach kids pretty much the exact same thing to the younger kids in slow motion. We call it a "form swing". Once they bust their hips, they poke the pitcher in the belly with the knob. The kids crack up…

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