Grey goo and you.

Two things in life scare me..

Grey goo theory.

And I forgot the other after typing in grey goo.   Oh yeah.  The possibility that when they turn on the Hadron Particle Accelerator we all get sucked into a man-made black hole.  Especially since they “suspect” that the black hole will last more than a second…  Then it is a race to see if the reaction will stop before the black hole begins growing.  Great.  The earth has a possibility of ending if they mis calculate.    To quote Armegeddeon “I think the President shouldn’t listen to a guy that got a C – in Nuclear Physics.”

Anywho,  I read a lot.  A lot of blogs.  I have my favorites that are on my, but under those are an infinite level of stuff.  Humor, science, politics, music, bikes, lacrosse, linked and cross linked.  Blogs about life, blogs about blogs about life, blogs about how to blog about life, comments on blogs about blogs about how to blog about life.  It’s my personal grey goo..   Or my World of Warcraft..

Luckily, I have these other things (life, kids, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) that pry my cramped hands off the mouse at 12:45 Am each day.    That and my job.   

It’s this last never ending, tedious, unrelenting religion,  puppet master that we all obey.   So in my spare time.. HA!.. I came accross a blog entry of 999 business ideas.

If you have any/any part of your body that wants to work for yourself, or have additional income, or just do something you love vs. what you do, then I suggest you read this list.  Write down a few of them.  See if you can develop a business plan, and off you go.  Heck if I make $45.99 a month it’ll pay for my internet connection which leads to my personal grey goo, which brings us back to our original  fear.

“And hey!…… Let’s be careful out there.”


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